Legacy Reports


OpenMarket has traditionally offered several daily and monthly reports that you can download from Customer Center and retrieve programmatically via the Reporting API. These reports provide information about SMS and MMS messaging traffic and delivery, deactivated phone numbers, and lookups, enabling you to monitor activity and evaluate the effectiveness of your messaging programs.

Upcoming changes to Reporting

Beginning in August 2016, OpenMarket will release a new reporting product called Dashboards & Reporting. With this release, the traditional reports will be accessible from within the new application.

Currently when you select Reporting from the Customer Center menu, you see a Static folder containing three folders: Deact, Financial, and Messaging. Those folders contain the MAR Summary and MAR Detailed reports, the Deact reports, and the Number Profile reports.

Screen shot showing current Reporting UI in Customer Center

When Dashboards & Reporting is released in August 2016. the Deact, Financial, and Messaging folders will be within the Legacy Reports folder.

Screen shot showing new Reporting UI

List of legacy reports

To access the reports listed below you must have an OpenMarket account that's configured for the specific reports you need. If you cannot view a report or you get an error when trying to access a report, it may be because your account doesn't have the required permission. Contact your OpenMarket account manager for assistance.

Report Name


Where Stored

Message Activity Detailed (MAR)

Provides detailed information about the SMS messages you sent. The report is available in CSV and XML and you can download it from Customer Center or retrieve it programmatically via the Reporting API.

Messaging Folder

Message Activity Summary (MAR)

Provides summary-level information about the SMS messages you sent. The MAR Summary is available in CSV and XML and you can download it from Customer Center or retrieve it programmatically via the Reporting API.

Messaging Folder

Deactivated Phone Numbers

Provides information from some US mobile operators about deactivated phone numbers.

Deact Folder

Preview Lookup

Provides information about the operator lookups you requested using either:

  • SMS v4 API: Preview operation
  • Global SMS v4 API: Operator Lookup operation

To see whether a dynamic lookup occurred for a specific MT request, refer to the detailed MAR.

Messaging Folder

Number Profile

Provides line-item detail about requests so that you can reconcile against your records and OpenMarket billing invoices.

Financial Folder

Access the reports

  1. Log in to Customer Center.
  2. Select the Reporting menu.

    The Reporting page displays folders for accessing OpenMarket's traditional reports.

  3. Select the folder containing the report you need. You can view the reports online or download them in CSV or XML format.

Retrieve the reports programmatically

You can retrieve reports in CSV or XML formats using the Get SMS Messaging and Number Profile Reports operation.