Integration Basics

What We Offer

OpenMarket offers mobile messaging solutions designed especially for mid-size and large companies. Our SaaS-based products and services, our highly available network, and our knowledgeable and experienced staff enable us to work with some of the world’s leading and most successful enterprises. In turn this gives us the opportunity to innovate solutions for a wide variety of use cases, including two-factor authentication and password reset, appointment reminders, banking alerts, promotions and mobile coupons, and much more.

Products and services


OpenMarket provides APIs for both SMS and MMS messaging, as well as several supporting APIs that perform lookups of devices and mobile operators. All of our APIs are capable of high throughput, and your application can connect to one or multiple of our redundant data centers for high availability.

Here's an overview of our SMS and MMS APIs:

SMS messaging

A RESTful, feature-rich SMS messaging API, capable of automatically selecting the correct message originator for any region.

An industry standard API for SMS messaging.

MMS messaging

A RESTful API that includes content caching to reduce the bandwidth you need and increase your throughput.

An industry standard API for MMS messaging.

Test environments

OpenMarket provides a test environment for both SMS and MMS messaging called the Customer Integration Environment (CIE). Using this environment you can test authentication, API calls and syntax, and error processing and responses. Messages sent to the CIE are not delivered to end users.

You can also test messaging in our production environment using a demo short code. Talk to your account manager if you'd like to do this.

To find out more about testing:

Web applications

In addition to the OpenMarket messaging APIs, we offer our web-based Mobile Engagement Platform (MEP). Using MEP you can create messaging workflows using a drag-and-drop web interface. Features include:

  • Keyword routing using strict or “fuzzy” matching
  • Generating and/or delivering OTPs (one-time PINs or passcodes)
  • Intelligently reacting to customer’s SMS responses via robust and extensible branching logic
  • Customer management tools such as subscription lists and end user variables
  • Automated compliance with mobile operator and industry guidelines like HELP/STOP support and subscription management

You can integrate with MEP APIs to perform a variety of MEP tasks programmatically, such as:

  • Broadcast SMS or MMS messages
  • Manage subscription lists, and subscribe or unsubscribe end users
  • Simulate a message from an end user
  • Start an SMS call flow (or "service") for an end user


OpenMarket provides reporting capabilities that enable you to keep track of important data, such as the number of outgoing messages (MT messages) you send and the number of MTs that succeed or fail. Our web-based Dashboards & Reporting application uses a global data source and provides standard reports, custom report-building tools, and data visualization tools for creating graphical reporting dashboards.


Account management

Your first and central point of contact at OpenMarket is your account manager. He or she is very knowledgeable about the mobile ecosystem and will help you navigate through the many decisions you’ll need to make, such as:

  • What are the objectives of your mobile messaging program
  • Where are your end users located
  • What message originator(s) do you want to use
  • Which industry and/or mobile operator regulations and policies do you need to comply with

Your OpenMarket account manager will also provide guidance in how to use our reporting products and any web tools that are relevant to your messaging program.

Professional services

Our Solutions Consulting team works with customers that have unique needs requiring custom solutions. This team excels at:

  • Designing messaging solutions based on unique requirements
  • Migrating an existing solution to the OpenMarket infrastructure
  • Integrating with specific, existing systems
  • Managing the operation of your services


OpenMarket’s technical support team is located in multiple time zones to provide around-the-clock and live global support. Enterprise mobile messaging is a relatively young practice that requires knowledgeable and experienced support. OpenMarket is dedicated to providing you with that support 24/7/365.