Integration Basics

High Availability

To ensure that all of our services are highly available, OpenMarket maintains redundant data centers in different geographic locations. Each data center provides multiple hosts for connections and is capable of supporting 100% of the traffic load.

Global endpoints

Due to our highly-available geo-redundant architecture OpenMarket has one global endpoint for our SMS services and traffic is routed to the closest available data center. As such traffic may tend to stay in one geographical region but it is not guaranteed.

For MMS messaging, you have the option of using a geo-redundant endpoint, or to connect directly to the data centers.

Note: Ensure that caching is not being performed with local DNS resolvers beyond the TTL that is specified in OpenMarket’s DNS responses.
Please check your application's configuration, as certain technologies such as Java Servlets, Java applications, JSP, ColdFusion, and Python may enable caching by default.

MT (mobile terminated) message redundancy

You immediately take advantage of our redundant services when sending message requests to the geo-redundant endpoints, as they distributes your transactions between our multiple, active and geo-redundant data centers.

However, if you want to load balance the traffic yourself, use multiple virtual hosts within the same data center and across data centers and load-balance traffic across all available virtual hosts. Because OpenMarket dynamically routes traffic, if a virtual host becomes unavailable, you should redirect traffic to available virtual hosts.

MO (mobile originated) message and notifications redundancy

SMS messages and other notifications sent by us may come from any of our data centers. Therefore, make sure you whitelist the full OpenMarket public IP address range in your firewalls, and accept traffic from this IP address range. You should provide a virtual host to which MO traffic is directed and maintain redundant nodes serving that virtual host to ensure that you can always accept MO messages. OpenMarket directs MO traffic to your virtual host.

For the IP address range and other security features see Security and Authentication.

Redundancy with mobile operator networks

OpenMarket has established redundant connections to all of our mobile operator partners. If a geo-redundant connection is available for an operator, messages continue to be sent to and received from that operator regardless of which data center is servicing your requests.

Geo-redundant hosts

The following lists OpenMarket's geo-redundant hosts:

  • HTTP SMS (V3):
  • HTTP SMS (V4):
  • MM7 MMS:

Guidelines for data center failover

Note: The following applies only if you connect directly to the OpenMarket data centers.

Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance may require failover from one data center to another. OpenMarket’s goal is to make this process seamless to customers; however, in some cases you may be required to take some action.

Whenever possible, OpenMarket provides advance notice and failover instructions. The following guidelines describe practices that you should follow to maximize our ability to service the platform without you needing to take any action.

  • Distribute your traffic over multiple connections and data centers.
  • Use DNS names for all references to OpenMarket hosts. In some failover scenarios, we may redirect traffic to an alternate data center. Using DNS names rather than hard-coded IP addresses eliminates or reduces the need for you to be directly involved.
  • Allow traffic to be sent and received from any IP address within OpenMarket’s public IP address range. We may redirect traffic to any of the available IP addresses within the public range to ensure availability.
  • Be prepared to redirect traffic in the event you detect that a data center is unavailable or you are instructed by OpenMarket to redirect traffic. OpenMarket provides multiple hosts with distinct DNS names to enable redirection.